Environmental Testing

The Laboratory offers climatic testing within temperature ranges -50°C to +85°C and relative humidity from 10 %RH to 95 %RH, including exposure to thermal shocks using two climatic chambers. We have a climatic chamber that provides a test volume of 12 m3 for testing large equipment.Read more

Electrical Safety Testing

The Industrial Equipment Testing Laboratory performs electrical safety tests, including electrical insulation strength, continuity of protective connections, as well as touch voltage and leakage current measurements. Electrical and electronic products are tested with operating voltages up to 400 VAC.Read more

EMC Electromagnetic Compatibility

The laboratory tests the equipment, systems, and plants for conformity with the EMC Directive and the relevant harmonised European standards, both prototypes and market-ready products. Up to ±5.5 kV (EFT/B), up to ±5 kV (Surge) and up to 30 kV pulses generators for ESD are available in the Laboratory.Read more