About us

Środek budynku Łukasiewicz - Przemysłowy Instytut Automatyki i Pomiarów PIAPResearch and calibration laboratory is part of the Industrial Research Institute for Automation and Measurements PIAP, which belongs to the Łukasiewicz Research Network. It was established on the basis of laboratories previously operating within the Institute. With its foundation in 1965, the Reliability and Quality Research Centre was established as a laboratory focused mainly on environmental research and was accredited by the Polish Register of Shipping (PRS). As early as 1986, a laboratory dealing with electromagnetic compatibility was operating in the Electrical Automation Centre at PIAP. In 1992, under the programme for establishing accredited laboratories, the Industrial Automation and Robotics Testing Laboratory PIAP-LAB was established. In 1996 it was accreditated in electromagnetic compatibility testing, environmental testing, pressure gauges and measurement transducers testing, and testing of industrial robots and automation components. When the accreditation expired in 2002, due to low market demand for testing services, PIAP did not apply for renewal of the laboratory’s accreditation. The laboratory continued to operate for the internal needs of PIAP’s R&D departments and the product certification centre (PIAP-OCW).

Nowadays, in its activities, the laboratory relies on the many years of experience gained by its staff in research carried out at PIAP, as well as product design and construction. For many years we have been actively participating in the work of Polish Committee for Standardization (P.K.N.) Technical Committees on Electromagnetic Compatibility EMC and Electrical Safety of Products. We are a member of the POLLAB Club of Polish Testing Laboratories . We also present the results of our cognitive research or generalised methodological achievements at numerous conferences and symposia, national (e.g. AUTOMATION Conference) and international, as well as in scientific publications. Laboratory staff systematically participate in general and specialised training courses to ensure the highest quality of research services. To improve and enhance the quality of the services provided by the research and calibration laboratory , we have obtained accreditation No. AP 196 in August 2021. We make every effort to ensure that the research services offered can be of the highest possible quality. Hence we are taking steps to extend the accreditation to the research part of the laboratory.