Workshops on conducting vibration tests

In April 2023, workshops on vibration tests were organized by the LBUP Industrial Equipment Testing Laboratory. The number of participants who wanted to broaden their knowledge and learn about the possibilities of our laboratory exceeded all expectations. At the event we presented ourselves to a group of over 30 participants! During the workshop, together with EC TEST Systems, we presented electrodynamic systems for carrying out vibration tests of objects as well as comprehensive control and measurement systems. The demonstrations were carried out on a Dongling Technologies system with a force of 30 kN. We would like to thank EC TEST Systems for cooperation and help in organizing the event.

Additional photos from the event and extensive information about the Łukasiewicz PIAP institute can be found at Łukasiewicz – PIAP | LinkedIn.

Additional information and offers regarding vibration tests provided by our laboratory can be found at Laboratorium Łukasiewicz – PIAP – Resistance to sinusoidal vibration, random and mechanical shock tests (